An Open Letter to My Best Cook


I think the problem was you were very close to Kuya Potch; and I was very close to him too. But the two of us had many question marks and exclamation points in between. To make things more interesting, I was born in the 80’s and You were a 90’s baby. And that mini generation gap meant I was almost ending my love for video games at the time of Ragnarok while you were just beginning yours.

You needed to move to Cebu because you were lost. You needed to find yourself. Guess what? I realized a part of me was lost too. Seven years of living away from you made me lose the brother and friend that I was to you and Potch. But now, I have found that person in me again. Thanks to you. And I know you found yourself too.

I am sad that you had to leave. Especially when I think of how great our last few nights of cooking side by side was. But I know you have your reasons.

If there was any time that I made you feel like I was disappointed at you, know this: I am ALWAYS proud of you and I have never and will never give up on you.

I am sorry for those times that I was expecting too much from you, it was only because I was impatient. Atat. Nagmamadali. Excited. Because I know you can handle it and I know you can do so much more. You can BE so much more. My only mistake was I did not allow you to do it at your own timing.

But I have seen you step up in the past few weeks. From where I stand, you have indeed found yourself and your passion in Cebu. And if you follow your heart, you will not be an engineer or an electrician the next time we see each other. You will be a chef.

Now, that may change and I respect that. But if it doesn’t (and I surely wish it doesn’t) and somehow you find yourself wearing a toque and holding a wok the next time we meet, then you’re on for a cook off. And may the best Pad Thai win.

I cannot wait to cook side by side you again. In the meantime, I would like to share with you one important tip:

Whether it’s Pad Thai, Beef Wellington, instant Pancit Canton, or a fried egg. There is only one secret ingredient to all dishes: LOVE.